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Education Connection
Preschool Pg.4

Sounding off
Here’s what to listen for from your child at different stages in their early development:

0-3 months
He coos and makes other pleasure sounds (“aaah”)

3-6 months
She babbles, especially the bbb, ppp, ggg and kkk sounds which are the easiest.

6-9 months
He strings syllables together, such as ba-ba-ba and ma-ma-ma

9-12 months
She starts “talking” with recognizable intonation; first words usually around 1 year.

12-18 months
He moos and woofs, nods his head “yes” and shakes it for “no.”

18-24 months
Combinations emerge such as, “throw ball,” “no,” “mine” and any word they can muster.

2 years
She uses grammar (“throw ball me”) and a few prepositions (“up,” “on”). She knows 200 to 300 words.

3 years
His speech is almost like an adults with clear statements and “why” questions. His vocabulary is about 900 words.

4 years
Sentences and stories are longer, using “and,” “so,” and “then.” Vocabulary is up to 1,500 words.

5 years
He’ll know about 2,000 words but can understand four times as many and he’ll use about 90 percent of the grammar an adult does.

Source: Robert Owens, Ph.D., coauthor of Help Your Baby Talk
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