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30th Annual Bedsuty Restoration 10 Run & Fun Walk
Event Type Outdoor Fun  
Date 10/9/2101 
Time 8:00am 
Cost $30 
Location Bedstuy, Brooklyn, NY 
Posted By Vee Francis 
Contact 718-875-7434 
Dress See Detail  
Address 1368 Fulton Street at Marcy Ave ( or on Fulton St. Between Brooklyn & New York Avenues). 
Details Those wanting to run or walk with Team Grenada get a discount off of the $30 fee. Call number below by Saturday before 2:30pm to be added to our roster for half price participation in this group. Team started by "youthful" walkers and runners of Grenadian descent to Honor our latest Olympian "King Jaguar James". Dress to walk or run. Wear something showing national pride.
Other teams of 5 people or more get another discount off of the $30 per person fee. Call Restoration for these details, 718-636-6900. Bedstuy Food Not Bombs (FNB)is group forming a team for kids under 9 years old. The kids run is free on Oct 9. Bedstuy FNB meets each Saturday bet 3:30 & 4:30 p at Marcy and Lafayette Avenues. Train directions to the race: A/C Nostrand Avenue. You can also enter event from stage area on Herkimer Street between NY and Bklyn Avenues. Sitting area for spectators is here.