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   Event Name  Date  Time  Location
    national democratic congress 28th... 10/18/2015 10:00am Brooklyn, NY
    public meeting ,national democ... 10/22/2015 6.30 PM To be announce later
    fish friday in toronto 10/23/2015 7:00pm TORONTO , CANADA
    gbss alumni ny bingo night 10/24/2015 7:00pm Brooklyn NY
    rev melvin l schaper memorial se... 10/24/2015 4:30 pm Brooklyn, NY
    st. joseph's convent-grenville ma... 10/24/2015 10:00PM Brooklyn, NY
    annual dance 10/24/2015 10.00pm Brooklyn, NY
    ndc town hall meeting 10/25/2015 5:00pm Brooklyn, NY
    caribbean cruise on celebrity "su... 11/7/2015 4:00 pm Saling from San Juan, Puerto Rico
    sdcss annual dinner dance 11/14/2015 10pm BROOKLYN
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