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Terriah Cooper
the service for late terriah cooper will take place monday 12/29/2014 location and time are pending.See more >>
12/20/2014 [11:21:36 AM]

Rose Johnson Duncan
the death is announced of rose johnson duncan of happy hill, st. george former caretaker o...See more >>
12/19/2014 [2:21:58 PM]

Alexander Antoine
alexander ‘baba’ antoine of woburn in st george’s died at the general hospital on sunday, ...See more >>
12/19/2014 [10:38:08 AM]
12/19/2014 [1:34:57 PM]

Maria Nesta Sealey
the death is announced of maria nesta sealey of la fillette st andrew who resided in port ...See more >>
12/18/2014 [1:49:37 PM]
12/18/2014 [1:55:25 PM]

Gertrude Claudia Williams- Woodroffe
the death is announced of gertrude claudia williams-woodroffe aka claudia haynes of concor...See more >>
12/17/2014 [12:08:36 PM]

Lena Hillaire
the death is announced of lena hillaire of lower st. john’s, st. andrew who died on tue...See more >>
12/17/2014 [12:04:40 PM]

Kenneth Prime
the funeral service for the late kenneth prime will be given in a subsequent broadcast See more >>
12/17/2014 [12:01:06 PM]

Claudia Gertude Williams-Woodroffe
we have lost the most talented woman of the family. she leaves to mourn her dad theophilus...See more >>
12/15/2014 [9:54:41 PM]

David Norbert Sandy
we regret to announce the death of david norbert sandy also known as norby who lives in lo...See more >>
12/15/2014 [3:14:39 PM]
12/15/2014 [3:58:41 PM]

Herbert Peter Edwards
the funeral service for the late herbert peter edwards will be given in a subsequent broadcastSee more >>
12/15/2014 [1:00:50 PM]