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Margaret Florette Whiteman
the death is announced of margaret florette whiteman nee regis also known as sister flo an...See more >>
10/30/2014 [11:56:03 AM]

Mavis Charles
the death is announced of mavis sam of la mode st. george who died on sunday 26th october...See more >>
10/30/2014 [9:12:57 AM]

McDowall Avil St.John
the death is announced of mcdowall avil st. john a’k’a avil antione & cha-ill of woburn st...See more >>
10/30/2014 [9:10:22 AM]

Martin Noel
we regret to announce the passing of martin noel also known as noel of birchgrove , st a...See more >>
10/29/2014 [4:41:37 PM]

Laura Leo
the death is announced of laura sentilia leo of ravine road, st. george who resided at fre...See more >>
10/29/2014 [10:39:42 AM]
10/30/2014 [12:36:50 PM]

Elaine Pivott
the death is announced of elaine pivott a.k.a. leynnie of richmond hill, st. george who d...See more >>
10/29/2014 [10:37:45 AM]

Dawne Beatrice Greaves
the death is announced of dawne beatrice greaves of mt moritz who resided in australia w...See more >>
10/29/2014 [7:55:31 AM]

Jeanette Templeman
jeanette e. templeman was born on october 5, 1943 to deceased alice gittens in st. george’...See more >>
10/28/2014 [2:31:43 PM]
10/28/2014 [2:50:42 PM]
10/28/2014 [3:10:28 PM]

Natasha Dominique James
the death is announced of natasha dominique james a.k.a. tasha & shim of laura land who re...See more >>
10/28/2014 [12:08:25 PM]

Lincoln Joseph Hagley
the death is announced of lincoln joseph hagley of new hampshire st. george former employe...See more >>
10/28/2014 [12:04:49 PM]