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It is with great honour that the Commission of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States congratulates the return of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and the New National Party (NNP) to Government in Grenada.

In an unprecedented third time, the Government of the great nation of Grenada led by Prime Minister Mitchell has achieved a historic win of all fifteen seats in a general election.

This achievement by any global measure is a triumph of democracy at its peaceful best. In doing so, we also acknowledge the spirited campaign by the opposition party the National Democratic Congress.

Prime Minister Mitchell prosecuted the Government’s agenda with a vision and a sense of conviction that asserts Grenada’s rightful place as a nation of people, who as authors of their own destiny, will continue to enjoy strong nation building, economic growth and equality for all in a rapidly changing global environment.

This victory is as historic, as it is defining for Grenada. As the Government now charts a course forward, it fortifies the enduring partnership and bonds between all OECS nations based on our shared heritage, values and vision for the future. Ours is a resolve that remains unshakeable as we seek to collectively overcome the defining issues of our time – economic growth, environmental resilience and opportunities for all.

It is with this shared sense of optimism that we collectively move forward buoyed by this historic win by the NNP led by Prime Minister Mitchell. For in him, there lies no stronger champion or advocate for a prosperous OECS Economic Union and a brighter future for all people of the OECS.

God bless the people and the nation of Grenada.



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First i am not a member of the OECS Commissioners and secondly these people were there to monitor all the process of the election before and after,now that being said yes it is right to congratulate the winning team NNP on their performance but one have to look at this election and the manner in which it was run and in months to come will show whether Grenadians have made the right call for history have shown that the last election of 2013 this same Nnp government also had a clean sweep on promise of better days ahead in terms of economic stability and growth in employment, better education, a better health care system but sad to say what we ended up with was massive Taxes,the selling off of our GPC,Land and Gravel plant,our beautiful peoples part,and through all the hardship endured by the people of Grenada the voters again see fit to return this party for another Term and only god knows how and why but only time will tell ,so to the OECS i say thanks for your comments but it is the Grenadian people who will have to live with another five years under the control of Mr K.C.M, Peter David and his gangs, and god help the people of Grenada and her Tri- Island. states.
200By: Gabe
3/19/2018 8:41:38 AM