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Keith Claudius Mitchell took the oath of office for a fifth occasion on Friday as Grenada's prime minister following the overwhelming victory of his New National Party (NNP) in the March 13 general elections.

Mitchell, 71, as he had done following the victory on Tuesday, reiterated a call for the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to join with the rest of the social partners in putting forward the best policies for the future socio-economic development of the tri-island state.

“I am humbled by this your confidence in me and the team you have chosen, but that is just the elected team, the real team is all of us,” Mitchell said after being sworn into office by Governor General Dame Cecile La Grenade at the ceremony held at the Grenada Trade Centre, south of here.

He said his first task would be to write an official letter inviting the NDC, which failed to win a seat in the Parliament for the second consecutive time, officially requesting their participation “in the interest of national building”.

“We don't have to fight each other every day of the year…this electoral war is over, let peace reign,” Mitchell said, acknowledging that in a democracy, people are entitled to support whichever party or group they want to.

He said while the NNP had won all the seats and there's a feeling that the “winner takes all, this winner does not take all,” adding that his administration is determined 'to let the voices be heard in a profound way”.

Mitchell said it was regrettable that the constitutional referendum in 2016, which would have allowed for among other things for the country to join the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as its final court and the appointment of a Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament at all times had been rejected by the population.

He said the results of the elections on Tuesday mean “it is now left in the hands of the Governor General to have some semblance of opposition in the Parliament”.

But he told the audience that the victory would be meaningless, if after five years, Grenada could “lift more people out of poverty, could not send more people back to work…empower our families and make all Grenadians proud.

“We can't build this nation is we leave out our marginalised people who did not share our view,” he said, telling the audience “I want you to stick us to that” as it relates to his most ardent wish is to build a nation together.

Mitchell, the longest serving prime minister within the 15-member Caribbean Community (CARICOM) grouping, reminded the audience that the real power lies not in the hands of the elected representatives, but those who stood in line to cast ballots on Tuesday.

He said it is this power that 'must keep us humble” adding “it is now our time to fight for them”.

He called for a “total commitment from all of us….to do all we can to make the lives of those ordinary people better,” adding that he would do is 'utmost” to lead the country into prosperity. Mitchell did not name nor did he give any hint as to who would form the new Cabinet.

Source: ja


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I wonder if anyone ever thought of the Russia involvement in the outcome of Grenada's election...didn't the Russians have some sort of interest/ corroboration in Grenada and NNP? I am just sayinnnng!
10By: The Observer
4/20/2018 12:52:56 PM
Gabe, you have had a negative impact on the NDC party. Your negative, subjective, bias and failure to prove why Keith Mitchell should not be trusted, why NDC's the best choice for the country and other unsupportive facts to issues raised, only helped to weaken NDC voting bloc. Your appeal certainly reached the typical lay persons on the street...couldn't convince them to vote for the NDC. Your definitely needed to focus more on the unemployment, housing, health care and rising cost of living. Please stick to those factors if you wish to keep the NDC party alive. Just sayiiiing!
011By: The Observer
4/2/2018 6:58:40 PM
Bro.The Observer i am sorry to hear and read your take on my posting re the election and it is clear that you have blatantly ignored the heart of my post over the years,for Gabe have been steadfast as to my approach to that which is most needed in Grenada and also outlining the difference between the Ndc policies for Grenada and that of the NNP and although i take note of your comment i do not accept your take and for the record i am a supporter of the Ndc but not an NDC policy maker and further more i believe that the ndc had ran a positive election campaign and as democrats we have to accept the result of the people,and i am also awaiting for your take on the Nnp and their policies for Grenada
By: gabe
4/5/2018 8:30:41 AM
Prime Minister seems like you are very good at words and playing on words to our Grenadian people for i can remember you making and saying the same thing after your clean sweep in 2013 but what follows after was totally different with massive Taxes and the selling off of our manufacturing our lands,and Heritage and now only God knows what is in store for our Grenadian People for Mr Mitchell you have found what it is that makes Grenadians Tick and you have used it throughout your political life as you call it to create History but sir some time History do have a way of biting back those who have abuse such power and it is now for you and your party to be honest with our Grenadian people and Deliver that Delivery Train that that was promise in 2013 and is still on the road heading towards 2018 with still unknown factors as to what is on board for all Grenadians. Bless.
300By: gabe
3/19/2018 9:11:15 AM
Thanks Gabe, you are so correct. I hope Grenadians don't go to sleep for another four years then wake-up and vote Keith Mitchell because he talks a good talk. Folks must hold the P.M to his promises and remind him regularly of those pep talks. Lets hope he gets serious this time. Grenada is too small for those in power for decades can't get the right things done. This is a big embarrassment and they should not be paid for going backwards.
By: Joe
3/23/2018 12:52:44 PM