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After the March 13 general election in Grenada, which saw the incumbent New National Party (NNP) win a consecutive clean-sweep at the polls, winning all 15 seats up for grabs, under the leadership of prime minister, Dr Keith Mitchell, who won his fifth non-consecutive term as prime minister, all senate seats are within his nomination, with the second-place finisher, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), being invited to fill at least one of those seats up for grabs.

During the last parliamentary session, the senate seat made available to the NDC was filled by NDC leader, Nazim Burke, who was also the minister for finance in the previous Tillman Thomas administration that eventually lost to Mitchell and the NNP in 2013.

This new session has, however, been met with controversy as some people within the NDC are considering whether or not to pick someone from their ranks to fill the senate position, or to allow to continue with whomever he wishes to select under his prerogative.

Divisions within the NDC are apparently torn between both camps, being further fuelled by sentiments of election irregularities, prompting one faction to reject the senate seat offered as a matter of protest.

The side in favour of accepting the offer from Mitchell feels that the principle is larger than the 2018 general election results, and that the NDC should welcome the opportunity to serve its country regardless of the circumstances.

One name that has again been tipped to fill the position offered by Mitchell to the NDC is current party leader, Burke.

Other names being mentioned for the seat are Tevin Andrews, NDC candidate for Petite Carriacou; Franca Bernadine, NDC candidate St George South East; and Ray Roberts, NDC candidate for St George South.

Under the Grenadian constitution, senators are appointed by the governor general acting on the advice of the prime minister.

Due to the fact that the NNP has all the seats, there is no numerical reason that would prohibit Mitchell from nominating who he wishes to be seated in the senate.

The governor general must be advised by the prime minister on the makeup of the senate by April 1, 2018, the first day of parliamentary proceedings for the 2018 session. However, the parliamentary session can begin without the full complement of senators being met.

Source: Caribbean News Now


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This election proved that ndc does not have what it takes to govern. Until they get their act together I donít see this party making any progress. I would advise the ndc to go with fresh blood and include more youths to build a youth movement. Until then bro gabe, your party will continue to lose.
00By: Stallion
7/27/2018 6:45:35 PM
bro.Stallion,i see you are back and note your comment as to Ndc business and with respect i would rather like to hear more of your views as to what the future holds for our youths in Grenada at this present time under this NNP governement yes the very said youths who it is said voted the Nnp back into power on the slogan "we cant stand still we keep on moving" yes moving where.
By: gabe
7/30/2018 7:10:10 AM
Yes bro gabe, I see far too many crimes in our country. This government is a joke when it comes to public safety. Someone ask me the other day what is out there for the youths, that why they get involved in drugs and other crimes. I say to this person letís get back to the basics, stay in school, plant what you eat, go back to church and learn a trade. This government become very complacent to fighting crime. The ndc is no better than the current government. During the last election they should have made the youth movement a priority instead of attacking the nnp. It ok to criticize but you must have your own plan.
By: Stallion
8/4/2018 8:04:27 AM
Grenada oh Grenada and people of her Tri-Island states now that the election is over and the Nnp is once again back in power it now appears that those sheep in wolf clothing who once pledge their political cause to the working class and the Ndc and who later jump ship with their power hungry chief Mr Peter David is now on the oil and gas gravy train with the Nnp and what is so strange to note is that a week before the general election one Ms Glynis Roberts was endosing the re-election of the Nnp canidate Nicholas Steele the do nothing minister of health,now guess what she Ms Glynis Roberts have now been made a senator but will she be sitting and taking the whip as a Neutral or sit on the Green House bench and will Mr Gilbert ex mp for the Ndc and a friend of Peter David soon follow into the Green House as a senate my god how many more gold diggers are there just waiting for the call to line their bank balance at the expense of our already poor people in Grenada for brother Bishop must be turning in his grave.
130By: gabe
4/26/2018 10:26:24 AM
As leader of the NDC political party, i don't think Nazim Burke should be allowed senate candidacy offered by the Keith Mitchell. The election results clearly demonstrate Burke does not have the leadership and skills needed to lead a national party. NDC's failure to capture zero seat at the last election must be seen as one of the indicators of his inability to reach voters. The senate seat must be granted to a more people's person-capable of aggressively ready to go on the attack when NNP diviates against its own pronciples and promises. NDC should put all candidates on the ballot. Let the voters decide. The party cannot and should not regard its leaders to continue to fail itself. Bad performance or behavior should never be reinforced. Remove Nazim Burke and try a new visionary.
312By: The Observer
4/3/2018 7:19:18 AM
The outcome of the general election only goes to show that all the efforts put forth by the the NDC, its leadership and Bro. Gabe did absolutely nothing to convince poll goers to think and vote other wise. Some body did not get it right! Grenadians favored NNP at the poll(s)simply because the NDC failed miserably to convince them that they had a better socioeconomic-including health care, employment, education, housing and social affairs plan to replace that which the NNP was pushing forth. Unfortunately, the NDC inability to prove itself throughout the last election cycles, puts it in the same category as the now defunct GULP. A party of the past. It's like saying "Eric Gairy took the party with him when he died." In the same breath, we may say that Brizan took the party with him when he died.
213By: The Observer
4/2/2018 6:50:52 PM
Now that the election is over and Kcm in charger of Grenada in both Houses The Senate and Parliament and knowing that once again there is no opposition but it is left to the G.G.via P.M. to nominate a member of the losing team to sit in the Senate, now the million dollar question for Grenada and Grenadians is "Who is he going to Call" knowing his open dislike and public abuse against several members of the Ndc Team most so Mr Nazim Burke and which once again highlight the political issues here in Grenada with our political leaders.
181By: gabe
3/28/2018 8:22:07 AM