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Governor General Dame Cecile La Grenade has described child abuse as a national tragedy affecting hundreds of children and families, and has called on the public to work towards having a society that is free of child abuse.

“We need to work together to help heal the wounds of those suffering from their experiences of childhood abuse. Besides supporting and strengthening families so they can become a strong and cohesive unit, we have to abandon negative attitudes and belief systems that perpetuate the harmful practices so that we can prevent such tragedies from occurring,” she said in an address to declare April as Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness month.

“As parents, guardians, teachers and leaders, we are entrusted with the responsibility of rearing these 'little people',” she said.

“We are obligated to provide them with a safe environment free from physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect so they can achieve their fullest potential,” she said in a radio and television broadcast.

Dame Cecile said that as Grenadians, “we share a genuine concern for children; we generally see them as vulnerable and in need of care.

“However, many of us grew up in families with the “tough love concept” — “licks didn't kill me and it won't kill them” approach to raising children. Yes, we survived in spite of our own childhood experiences of abuse and sometimes we can only imagine a society where we adopt the same approaches that we are accustomed to,” she said, while explaining that it is important for families to be strengthened so they can effectively manage stress and at the same time be provided with the right tools to enable them to appropriately deal with challenges in caring for children.

“Imagine a society where children are confident because their lives have been filled with encouragement, where children love themselves because they are surrounded by acceptance and approval, where children are respectful because they were taught that they are precious and valuable and see others in the same way,” she said.

“Imagine a Grenada where children believe in truth and fairness because their life experiences confirm that fairness and justice will prevail; where children are trusting because they feel safe and know they will be protected from all forms of harm whether at home, at school or in the community. Many of us were robbed of this opportunity, to grow up in a society like this, but we should not rob our children of it as well,” she added.

Organised by Grenada National Coalition on the Rights of the Child, the month of awareness will involve a cross section of activities including community road session where session will be held with persons to educate them about child abuse and its negative impact on society.

Source: Ja observer


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In continuation: It's important to note here that Governor General Cecile La Grenade does not represent (in its true sense) the interest of Grenadians at the lower ebb of the socioeconomic ladder. She is there as head of state and as an eye of our colonial master Britain, as in the case of the London based Privy council that oversees and have the final say in criminal matters occurring in Grenada and the Caribbean Region. In Grenada and the rest of the Caribbean, those with money, influence and political ties and affiliation can actually buy their way throughout the legal system. For example in the 70's, two grown men raped a 10 year old little girl for hours. After raping the child, they decided to throw her lamed body through a window into some hedges.
00By: The Observer
4/20/2018 12:32:47 PM
Fortunately, she survived and was taken to the hospital when she was treated by doctors at the Mirabeau hospital. Yes, I am talking about a rape and brutality abuse of a minor by two grow-ups in the 30's. Despite the arrest of both men, they both were spared going to trial and serving jail time. Why? They both came from families that had financial worth and political connections. On the contrary, the victim came from a poor, underrepresented and voiceless family. She also came from a community in which everyone felt powerless and vulnerable to take a stand against such abuse and injustice. Yes, I am talking about a village in the northeast section of St. Andrew. In Jamaica, an innocent young man who was passenger in taxi was shot and killed when the taxi drive accidentally bumped into a businessman's BMW. The driver of the BMW got out of his SUV and shot into the car killing the innocent youth who was trying to get of his graduation ceremony. The killer-driver of the BMW, because of his financial standing, escape jail time and allowed to walk free. The region is rigged at the expense of the poor.
00By: The Observer
4/20/2018 12:31:55 PM
Governor General as much as i applaud your intervention into the debate of the high rate of child ,women and young abuse that is gripping Grenada at this present time,my question to you and your Government who are responsible for policing the law enforcers and in doing so one must start from the top irrespective of how the offenders are and the position they attain in our society,also this culture of PAYING off the abused victims and their families by the abusers in high places should be made a criminal offence in itself.
190By: gabe
4/13/2018 10:52:40 AM