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Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell has made it clear in his public statements, the dissatisfaction and serious concern with some aspects of the management of the Marketing and National Importing Board (MNIB) over the last five years.

On his recommendation, as he has reported, the Cabinet of Grenada has agreed to support a full inquiry into the affairs of the MNIB.

It is a decision that has the full backing of the current board of the MNIB and is a welcomed relief to many members of the past board, who by all accounts, have been blindsided by some of the allegations in the public domain.

The purpose of the investigation—the details of which will be made public shortly—is to get to the bottom of the allegations, and to find answers and solutions that are satisfactory to both farmers and the general population of Grenada.

Without the benefit of such an investigation, it is premature and irresponsible to suggest that any member of the past MNIB Board of Directors had any inkling or direct responsibility, in their personal and professional capacity.

We take note of a recent editorial in a certain local newspaper, which singled out one particular board member, who is just an ordinary director, seemingly suggesting that this director may have failed to give direction on the areas of concern.

Not only does this suggestion not make practical sense, it must be seen for what it is—an attempt at political mischief by a known antagonist who has a long history of showing little regard for facts; and who has been proven time and time again by the legal system to be a known slanderer.

The Government of Grenada is determined to have an open investigation, consistent with the norms of good governance and transparency.

Source: GIS


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Prime Minister Mitchell,sir your government have been given sweeps by the voters in Grenada,yes all fifteen seats in the last two elections that was held in Grenada and during these periods the matter of the workings and behaviou of The MNIB have always been in question especially by our local farmers and the community at large and whose income is dependant on selling their farming products to the MNIB ,and the question that must be ask is why it has taken your ministry and Government until now to have an investigation and will this so call investigation gets to the bottom of what's really going on within the OPERATION of (MNIB)and will such investigation be open to Representations from the farming sector,Mr prime Minister the people of Grenada gave your Party a clean sweep once again to SERVE all the people in Grenada and to serve them with a clear view of Transparency and Accountability in all section of Government dealings and not take the people of Grenada as your toys to do as you and your Government pleases.
290By: gabe
8/16/2018 6:50:19 AM