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The government of Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell is planning to cut back on the sale of alcohol to teenagers in Grenada before he leaves political office. The prime minister wants to ban the sale of alcohol to young people, especially young people of school age.

Mitchell has said there is an alarming increase in alcohol consumption among the country’s youths, and more has to be done to protect them from a lifetime of addiction and early death.

“The growing recognition that alcohol consumption is a significant contributor to the global burden of disease means that alcohol requires greater attention by the public health community that it is receiving at present. We know that doing nothing doesn’t work,” Mitchell said.

He believes that an appropriate policy response is needed to address the health and social problems associated with use of and dependence on alcohol in Grenada.

“The growing awareness of alcohol consumption is one of the major risk factors to public health; my government would search for policies that will protect and promote our youths health and prevent harm and address the social problems associated with the use of alcohol,” Mitchell said, noting, “The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are about two billion people worldwide consuming alcoholic beverages and 76.3 million with diagnosed alcoholic use disorders.”

Mitchell believes that the increase in alcohol consumption among Grenadian youths has never received any attention from former governments and from the population in general.

“Nothing has been done to address the increasing use of alcohol among our youths, its associated burden and the new challenges that derive from the growing influence of the alcohol industry in Grenada,” he said.

According to the WHO, Grenada tops regional alcohol consumption in the Americas, with an average consumption of 12.5 litres of pure alcohol per person per year.

“We are proposing and enacting new legislation into law to protect our youths. We intend to do something about alcohol negative role in our society once and for all and reduce its harmful use.

“The population has a drinking problem, and there is an expected increase in the number of potential new alcohol consumers, especially young people and women.

“I have a duty to protect the population in general, and women and children in particular from alcohol-related harms. We must address the consequences of excessive alcohol here at home,” Mitchell said.

Nevertheless, there exists a general perception among some in Grenada that there are more urgent problems that need to be addressed than the use of harmful use of alcohol.

Further, this good intention will require innovative leadership from the Mitchell government and from international agencies charged with protecting health, children’s rights and development.

However, without intervention, Grenada is likely to face a future involving an ever-increasing burden of death and disability associated with alcohol use.

Source: Caribbean News Now


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Look around Grenada Mr Prime Minister, What you should have seen is " Hopelessness and Helplessness". Alcohol consumption is the effect not the cause. What does a Degree from TAMCC get 600 plus graduates?
20By: Geraldine Morris
12/22/2018 12:43:37 PM
Ms G.M. i totally agrees with your comment here and what is a sad state of affair here in Grenada is that it is said that during the last election campaign members of the said pm party was known to be giving out handouts and a good time to potential voters with the spreading of money to some rum shop was no problem,but now that election is done and won their leaders hypocrisy is plain to see because of their political ignorance and blind policies.
By: gabe
1/9/2019 11:41:33 AM
Mr Mitchell and Prime Minister of Grenada and her Tri-Islands,sir it is always good to hear you talk about The Caring aspects of our Grenadian people this time as you claim your concern about excessive(Alcohol consumption ) by our young people in Grenada but some would say what a load off hypocrites because during your terms in office and whenever your party has a rally there is always a large amount of Alcohol being consumed by your supporters which also includes children ,i can also recall a few years ago somewhere in Grenville,St.Andrew just after an election a victory a rally was held by one of your minsiters in that area which went well into the mid night and several young school children was present, so you see Prime Minister once again is your intervention into this debate base on the finding of the WHO report about Poverty and Health in Grenada and are you that really concern about the wellbeing of our grenadain people,i dare say that once again Talk is cheap coming from a man /pm who have been ruling grenada for some 30 years and history will show that our country have not advance in health or Wealth throughout these periods.
180By: gabe
11/19/2018 8:14:13 AM
Very well said my Brother.
By: Joe
12/5/2018 8:44:19 PM