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Grenada's Health Minister Nicholas Steele says that almost one month after shutting down the Maurice Bishop International Airport to commercial passenger traffic, the ministry has confirmed that one of three people who tested positive for COVID-19, is an asymptomatic carrier who, according to World Health Organization (WHO), guidelines must be classified as an imported case.

According to the WHO, an imported case is when a person travels to another country with the infection and is tested with a positive result in that country.

As of Saturday, the number of persons to test positive for the virus in Grenada, is 18, since the first case was confirmed and publicly disclosed on March 22, however only 17 are on island, as one person returned to the United Kingdom without medical permission.

Speaking during a news conference on Saturday, Steele said that so far, seven patients have now been medically cleared and classified as recovered while seven others are active.

The three new cases are described as stabilized with mild or no symptoms.

The asymptomatic import patient is a 50-year-old female who came from one of the international hotspots or epicentres with the virus.

“She is an import-related case, and, is what is known as an asymptomatic carrier. She has displayed no symptoms, to date,” said Steele who explained that the individual had remained in quarantine for the required period of 14 days but decided to be tested to confirm her medical status because of the location from which she travelled.

The other two new individuals are males; ages 62 and 59 and they were found through contact tracing in the workplace of one person who tested positive – which is a possible community transmission as he has had no recent travel history and was not associated with any of the already confirmed cases.

Source: observer


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