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The Government of Grenada is re-evaluating its COVID-19 protocols, to protect livelihood in the entertainment and hotel industries while at the same time, continuing to safeguard the health of all.

During the government’s weekly Post Cabinet Press Briefing, Minister for Health and Social Security, Hon. Nickolas Steele said they are in dialogue with providers in both sectors to find a ‘modality moving forward where the establishments can remain open, while maintaining safe protocols.’

Under the revised protocols, events will be categorized in three main areas; A-type activities that require sit-down dining in a restaurant or bar, B-type activities, which are similar to A-type, but also includes entertainment for games that are being broadcast and may require additional seating, and C-type, catering to late night activities that do not include night club events.

Minister Steele says this new arrangement means the Police and Ministry of Health will be able to evaluate each property and determine the maximum safe number of people allowed, based on the activities being conducted.

“It allows them also to take personal responsibility for the number of people and the type of activities that they will allow on their property, and allows the police and Ministry of Health to simply monitor and enforce based on agreed upon criteria of activity and quantities.”

As part of plans to revitalise the hotel sector, the government is also examining new protocols for entry and quarantine, looking at the Jamaica and St. Lucia models. An official announcement is expected later this week.



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