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What is GC Music Connection?
It’s the best place for you to find, sample and purchase music by your favorite artists.

How is it different from other music sites?

Other sites focus on the way music is stored, sorted and bought in their world. We focus on the way it works in the Caribbean world. In other words, our way. Plus, we showcase a lot of Caribbean artists, some of whom get little or no love or recognition on other sites.

Is the site secured?

Yes. Our purchasing process is 100% secured.


Is there a membership fee?
No. Visitors to the site simply search, find, sample and buy the music they want.

How much does a song cost?

Songs cost anywhere between $1.00 and $2.00. The price of the song is set by the artist.

Are there any additional fees or charges?

Yes there are very, very small bank processing charges that apply - you will see it when you check out.

What happens when I buy a song?

You get to download the song (as an MP3) as soon as your credit card has been approved.

I heard a song at a fete but don’t know the name, how can I find it on the site?

We make it easy for you to search and find songs using as much or as little information you have.  You can search by artist, by album name, by song name, by genre, by occasion or by artist country. If it’s on our site, you’ll be able to find it.

What if I don’t know who sings a song I want to buy?

Then search by song name or by genre


I’ve purchased a song, now it won’t download, what do I do?
At the end of purchase you will be immediately provided a link that says to “download song here”
What will my purchase receipt look like?
At the end of purchase you will be immediately receive a email with your purchase receipt click image for details

Where can I put the music when it’s downloaded?
Now you can put you music anywhere. On an MP3 Player, a CD (nch website) (see here)

Any problems please contact us here