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Kids Home Remedy
  -Chest Cold
  -Vomiting and Diarrhea
  -Dry Skin
  -Loss of appetite

Dry Skin:.

Use dove or a high moisturizing soap short baths and moisturizes skin immediately. In cold weather the skin gets dry very easy. Avoid having too much hot baths. Only use a moisturized soap such as dove, take a short or quick bath and moisturized skin. If it continues cut down on bath and have baths like three to four times a week once a day.

Disclaimer for Health and Wellness section:.

The information contained within these pages is intended for nutrition and health information only and should not be taken as a substitute for proper medical care, advice or treatment, especially if you know you have a specific health complaint. disclaims any responsibility of liability for the accuracy of information or any side effects (or unwanted effects) resulting from use of these remedies. e urge you to take a sensible, balanced approach to healing yourself: always consult your physician and develop a healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise and a balanced diet.

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