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Kids Home Remedy
  -Chest Cold
  -Vomiting and Diarrhea
  -Dry Skin
  -Loss of appetite
Chest Cold:.


Method I 2 ozs. or more Coconut Oil Rosemary 1 Camphor block Clove sticks Mix and rub on chest, back, throat to help relieve congestion. Method II 1 lime 2 tsp. honey Mix a little lime and honey in a small cup and take by mouth with a spoon. Method III Take child in the bathroom and run the hot water, (DO NOT PLACE CHILD IN THE WATER) the steam will loosen the cold, child nose will run causing it to clear also coughing may occur to loosen the cold. For older children, put boiling hot water in a basin and have them bend over it, covering their head with a towel to keep in steam.

Disclaimer for Health and Wellness section:.

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