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GC - Obituaries
Obituary For - Henry Horsford - Grenada

Name  " Henry Horsford "
D.O.B  6/27/1932
D.O.D  07/14/2022
Parish From  NULL
Place of Death  Kings County
Service Date
07/26/2022 @ 5:00pm


Viewing for Henry Horsford will be held on Tuesday July 26th,2022 from 5pm-7pm followed by funeral service at 7pm at St.Matthews Roman Catholic Church
1123 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn NY.

Special Info  Henry Ladius Horsford better known as Voldon Horsford sunrise was on June 27, 1932 and his sunset was on Thursday, July 14, 2022. He was the son of Florie and Pheels Horsford of Pomme Rose, St. David’s, Grenada. He was the second of four siblings who all superseded him. Before his sunset, as a young lad, Henry lived and went to school in the parish of St. David’s. He lived a full life in Grenada with his then wife Doris and stepdaughter AnnMarie before migrating to the US in 1984. Prior to his marriage, Henry had three children - Stephenson Pascal, Doreen Greenidge-Jones and Joanna Celestine. Those three children produced eight grandchildren - Stephanie, Dionne and Kurt Pascal, Jennifer and Jessica Jones and Sean, Christina, and Patrick Celestine. He was blessed with seven great grandchildren - K’lise, Eli, Lucas, Alani, Christopher, Christian and Mackenzie. A daughter-in-law Gwen Pascal are among the ones left to celebrate his life. Though he may have had several jobs while in Grenada, his last known job was with the Grenada Sugar Factory in Woodland’s St. George’s, where he oversaw the outside operations of the sugar cane farmers. He held that position for several years before migrating to New York. He held the position of Maintenance Manager at Spencer Arms Condominiums in New York City. He held that position until his retirement in 2003 when he was diagnosed with a mild case of Dementia. Henry often joked around when he should have been serious, always a prankster as a child which lasted well into his adult life …. and I am sure…he still is…. maybe playing around with the hinges on the Pearly Gate. He was once caught red handed helping himself to the communion wafers and wine at the church where he served as an Alter Boy in the parish where he grew up in Grenada. When asked what he was doing with the wafers he said his friends wanted some. The priest asked him why he drank the wine, he said “because I couldn’t find a bottle to put some in”. Once during one of his “run away episodes” he was spotted walking along the street and was picked up by a family friend. He was asked where he was going, his answer was “I’m trying to find Eastern Parkway”. The friend told him that Eastern Parkway was back the other way, Henry answered saying “well I would run into it sooner or later”. He always had a smart answer for everything, He had served on the Usher Ministry as part of the Holy Name Society at St. Matthew’s Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn, N.Y. He loved serving at that church. He would often show up well ahead of time to walk around prior to mass checking things out although he was clearly not part of any security. He enjoyed serving in the house of the Lord. In the late stages of his dementia Virginia, one of his Aids, continued to take him to church. Though he was not able to communicate he would be seen humming the songs and reciting the mass. God is always good!

  Funeral Agent Info:
Contact:  David Williams Funeral Service, Inc.
Location:  Jamaica, New York, USA
Phone:  718 -291-3823

Sincere Condolences to the extended Hosford family. I am close to 80 years old and met this gentleman before I was 14 years old. He was a free spirit and a wonderful human being on a motorcycle. May God welcome 🙏 him and rest his tired body 🤣🤣🤣🤣♥️ and soul 👍🙏😇
BROOKLYN NY [9/3/2022]

condolences to the entire family of Mr Voldon Hosford As a young girl growing up in Hope Vale I remember him as one of the overseer on the Estate. May his soul rest in Peace. He was on of the persons I never forgot. Mr. Voldon.
GRENADA . W,I [8/20/2022]

To Doreen Steve and daughter in England condolences.May God keep you in his care,from the retired staff of Grenada Sugar Factory. Not forgetting daughter Ann Marie.

our sympathy goes out to the family.From: The Smith family of Marian.Rhoda,Katie,Steven and Lynessa.
BROOKLYN NY [7/26/2022]