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Obituary For - Nancy A. Palmer-Charles - Grenada

Name  " Nancy A. Palmer-Charles "
D.O.B  11/10/1970
D.O.D  03/31/2021
Parish From  St. Andrews
Place of Death  Brooklyn NY
Service Date
04/15/2021 @ 5:00pm


The viewing for Nancy A. Palmer-Charles will be held Thursday from 4-5Pm funeral service @ 5Pm. The services will be held at Bedford Central Presbyterian Church located at 1200 Dean Street the corner of Nostrand in Brooklyn NY.

Special Info  Eulogy for Nancy Alexandrina Palmer-Charles SUNRISE: November 10, 1970 SUNSET: March 31, 2021 Nancy Alexandrina Palmer-Charles was a determined, dedicated and kindhearted woman. She was the second child and first daughter of her parents Gladys Palmer and the late Bentley Henwood. Nance as she was affectionately called, lived her life in loving support of and full devotion to her family, her cherished friends and those in need within her reach. Born on November 10, 1970 on the Caribbean island of Grenada, Nancy grew up in the Village of Richmond, St. Andrews before migrating to the United States in 1987. She was a very motivated student from her early beginnings at the Holy Innocent Anglican School, the St. Joseph Convent Grenville and culminated her formal education with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at Queens College, New York. She was conscientious, structured and focused in her endeavors and with her ability to combine school and work, her goals were accomplished seamlessly. Nancy gave 26 years of dedicated service to the AABR as a Client Coordinator for children/people with special needs. She devoted her life to serve the less fortunate among us, a testament of her dedication and goodwill. According to her Coworkers, “Nancy was deeply passionate about the wellbeing of her Clients and would go the extra mile for them without reservation. Her death is a tremendous loss to all she served and the Organization as a whole.” In 1990, Nancy was re-united with her Childhood Sweetheart Dykes Charles and they exchanged Marital Vows in 1995. Theirs was a genuine love which spanned 34 years until her untimely passing. A loving and supportive wife, Dykes referred to Nancy as his both hands, his soulmate, twin, best friend, and his life for the many loving years they shared together. Caring daughter, loving sister, supportive wife, dedicated worker, loyal friend, are all words used to describe Nancy, she was a beautiful soul. Her brother Rufus says, “Nance was a down to earth, true friend but at the same time she was a sophisticated, classy, private woman - she will stay in our hearts forever.” Another brother, Dwight says, “She was my confidant and my go to person, my life would not be the same without her.” And her younger sister Jermelyn says, “She wasn’t just my sister but my best friend and mother figure – literally my everything.” Nancy enjoyed a good joke - her smile and laughter were infectious. She binge watched Golden Girls, her favorite TV Show – she was not just about humor though; an avid consumer of Current Affairs, she would keep Dykes up to date on happenings which also included her in depth analysis. She never took anything at face value since her analytical abilities were always at work. Sugar apples, soursop, avocadoes, and a nice sugar cane were her favored food when she wasn’t enjoying her mom’s and big brother’s cooking – in fact she just loved fruits, mangoes being her favorite. Nancy even taught Nyksie, her beloved pet dog, to eat fruits and Nyksie might be the only dog known to man who could suck a mango seed. On Wednesday March 31st, 2021 in what seemed like the prime of her life, Nancy passed away, she will be greatly missed. As a family and friends, we give thanks for her life and for having her in our lives. There is a painful void in our hearts as we celebrate her life and mourn her passing. Her life was a lesson in generosity and joyfulness. Please continue her legacy in being kind to one another and keeping alive the good memories she left behind. With her husband Dykes, Nancy leaves to mourn her mother Gladys. She also leaves to mourn:- Her sisters: Jermelyn and Elizabeth Her brothers: Rufus, Darwin, Randy, Elion and Kyron Her Uncles: Dennis, Adolphus and Derek Her Nieces and Nephews: Donnisha, Rochen, Zadia, Alexa and Bentley Her Cousins: Kenroy, Rodney, Carol, Cosil, Carvel, Samuel, Nathaniel, Toshinna, Inzinga, Yvonne, Shirline, Rayon, Raydonna, and others too numerous to mention. Her in-laws, friends, co-workers and other family too numerous to mention here. Nancy Alexandrina Palmer, it was a joy and an honor to call you daughter, sister, wife, aunty, friend. You left a void that cannot be filled, and we will always love and miss you. Farewell…Sleep easy Nancy and may your soul rest in sweet peace, until we meet again.

  Funeral Agent Info:
Contact:  David Williams Funeral Service, Inc.
Location:  Jamaica, New York, USA
Phone:  718 -291-3823

gladys palmer and family, my condolences are extended to you. i am praying for the family.
KEW GARDENS, NY [4/16/2021]

condolences to gladys and the entire family. i had the pleasure of teaching nancy many years ago. i still remember her smile. may she rest peacefully with the angels.
BROOKLYN NY [4/14/2021]

my deepest sympathy to dykes and the palmer family on your loss may you find comfort in the lord
SYRACUSE NY [4/14/2021]

my deepest sympathy to dykes, gladys, jermelyn, and the remainder of her family, co-workers, and friends. nancy and my relationship grew from co-workers to friends since 2001 when i came to aabr and sustained once i left. i know the staff and clients at aabr have just experienced a huge loss. my heart and prayers are with you all as well. because nancy truly loved the clients and families that she served. my heart is so heavy, and i can't believe that i can't just pick up the phone and share some laughs. i know we will meet again. until then, sleep in heavenly peace. heaven has just got a new angel. i love you, my dear friend. donna

my heart is saddened by your sudden passing, i missed your positive quotes on whats app everyday and our little laughter times, my deepest condolences to dykes, your mom, rufus and the rest of the family, sleep in peace my friend, you will be missed nancy.
BROOKLYN, NY [4/12/2021]

my sincere condolences to the family. praying for comfort during this difficult time.

my prayers and sincere apologies to the family. praying for comfort during this difficult time.
PENNSYLVANIA [4/11/2021]

condolence to your family rest in peace my friend stay strong rufus big bro and stay strong cuzo dikes god know best family
NEW YORK [4/7/2021]

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK [4/6/2021 6:26:48 AM]

my condolences to gladys and the entire family of nancy palmer-charles my pray for the entire family that god give strength to stand in this time of grief
PRINCETON NJ [4/5/2021]