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GC - Obituaries
Obituary For - Veronica Christopher - Grenada

Name  " Veronica Christopher "
D.O.B  07/06/1940
D.O.D  04/18/2021
Parish From  
District  Grand Ance, St. Georges
Place of Death  New York
Service Date
05/03/2021 @ 4:00pm


Viewing for decease will be 4-5pm at:

Faith Ministries,
285 Buffalo Ave, Brooklyn NY.

Service starts 5pm.

Special Info  Eulogy: Veronica Christopher Veronica Christopher was born in the tiny Spice Island, hauled in the Caribbean well known as Grenada; to Mother Ellie Christopher (Deceased) and Father Neville Cox (Deceased)on July 6th 1940. She grew up in a small village south of the island known as Golf Course, Grand Anse. She was privileged to share her childhood years and was last of her 2 siblings, namely Esther and Seebrite who are both deceased. As a child her favorite pastime was visiting the world renowned Grand Anse Beach with her siblings to swim and play. This was something they all did on a regular basis as they resided relatively close and only a stones throw away from the Beach. To everyone back home in Grenada she was known as “Chunks” “Taye” or “Tanty Taye.” Veronica like many young adults her age who originated from the islands; had huge aspirations for her future. Although she was the youngest of 3 girls, she was determined to make a better life for herself, her parents, and her siblings; hence the opportunity arose and as such she migrated to United States of America in 1969, when she was 29 years of age. Veronica’s first job was doing custodial duties at a department store on Jamaica Ave in Queens. Still anticipating a more comfortable and effervescent life she sought and attained a job at the Methodist Hospital; where she was employed in the capacity of an Environmental Control Worker for well over 40 years prior to her retirement in 2006. She was the envy of many of her acquaintances, as many tried their best to obtain a job at the famous “Methodist Hospital” but with God’s grace she was successful. She buried herself in her job and daily duties and therefore found little time to recreate. Even keeping herself occupied to such an extent grew tiring and lonesome, and though she never bore any off-spring of her own, no sooner before she learnt of the interest of one of her grand-nephews intent to permanently migrating to the USA from Trinidad and Tobago. She welcomed Everod into her home as her own child where he spent numerous years under her care before growing into adulthood and venturing out on his own. In 1990 she met an individual in which she grew rather close to and shared many of her leisure time with. Mr. Richard Burris was her very dear and close friend for whatever it was worth. Even after his passing in 2001 not a moment or conversation will go by without her not making mention of his name through conversation, and she never failed to speak of how much of a wonderful friend he was. Veronica kept in touch and in tuned with her family members by way of regular phone calls, and even though she grew increasingly busy with making a life of her own she occasionally made time to visit her birth country “Grenada.” She was fondly known by most of her neighbors, friends and work colleagues in the USA as “Chris.” Veronica had a huge heart, so much so that she grew close enough to a few that she considered her own family, many of whom she kept a watchful out for and they equally returned the favor. Many of them would attest that she never passed by without bidding them a hearty hello or good day. She had a smile like none other, as we vaguely remember she never hesitated to show her pearly white teeth and squint her eyes, with a smile that beguiles your heart. A road we all must one day walk; she succumb to her ailments on April 18th 2021, as her passing couldn’t come soon enough, since most would agree that it is difficult to say an eternal goodbye to your loved ones, however its most gravely inhumane to watch as they suffer knowing that there is nothing you can do to change the existing situation. So to Veronica, Chunks, Taye, Tanty Taye, Chris we bid a fervent farewell, and we say rest in paradise eternally.

  Funeral Agent Info:
Contact:  David Williams Funeral Service, Inc.
Location:  Jamaica, New York, USA
Phone:  718 -291-3823


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