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Todays Joke
      Today's Joke: Too smart for Games

Three fellas - a Bajan, a Trini and a Jamaican - are trying to sneak into the stadium at the recently held Carifta Games in the Bahamas. They have no spectators' tickets and are not athletes. As they stand around figuring out their move, they see a man walk up to the gate, and shout: "Carl Douglas. St Lucia. Shot-put". The man opens his bag to show his shot-put ball and is immediately ushered in.

So the fellas decide to "try a t'ing".

The Jamaican grabs a young tree, takes his pocketblade and strips it of all leaves, and walks up to the gate and shouts: "John Moss. Jamaica. Javelin". He shows his stick and is ushered in.

Excited by his partner's success, the Trini grabs the cover of a paint can and walks up to the gate: "Tony Singh. Trinidad. Discus." He flashes the cover in front of the attendant who ushers him in.

Together on the inside, they remember the Bajan, and started to curse themselves for not helping him with a ploy. They turn around and spotted the Bajan on the outside.

Bajan is really at a loss. He looks all around him and sees nothing that could get him in. He then looks again at a fence across the street, has an idea, walks across the street, painstakingly rips off a piece of the barbed wire, rolls it, puts it under his arm, approaches the gate and says to the attendant: "Seymour Skeete. Barbados. Fencing!"

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