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GC - Classifieds

About Our Classifieds provides online classified ads on our highly trafficked site. With GC Classifieds your ad can reach thousands of people who log on to our site several times daily. We can help you buy, sell or trade anything and everything. To place a classified ad on, please click here. YOUR AD WILL BE POSTED INSTANTLY!

Adding your item to GC Classifieds is easy, itís fast and best of all, itís free, at this time.

Please note that all communications, negotiations and transactions take place directly between buyer and seller and is not responsible for any items sold or bought through GC Classifieds and there are no fees payable to us when items are bought or sold.

As a family friendly site, we do not accept ads regarding adult services, products, or containing adult content in any shape or form. Advertisers cannot place ads which contain slanderous or derogatory comments or content. Classified ads that violate these terms of service and/or our spam policy will be deleted and those accounts will be closed without warning.

Adding links to other Web sites in your ad is against our policies and will result in your account being terminated immediately.

GC Classifieds is your source for everything you want and the place to sell everything you donít want.

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