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How to buy items

There are several ways to buy or sign up for an item or service being offered for sale or for free on

When you browse through the classifieds and find something you're interested in, there are several possible things that you can do depending on what is being offered and the sellerís preferences for that particular ad:
- Contact the seller for more information
- Contact the seller to negotiate a price

Please remember that is providing an online classified advertising service which works in a similar way to a traditional newspaper advertising section, where the ads themselves are placed by individual advertisers who are offering an item or product and the buying/selling process is handled directly between buyer and seller.

When a buyer is interested in something being advertised on, all communications and negotiations take place directly between buyer and seller and there are no fees payable to us when you make a purchase.

Contacting the advertiser:
You may find something that you are interested in but you have additional questions that you'd like to ask the seller before you make up your mind.

Each ad has a 'E-mail us' link at the bottom where you enter your name, e-mail address and inquiry and this gets sent directly to the seller. Once a seller receives your message, they'll get back to you as soon as possible to answer your inquiry.

Lots of sellers specify a price on their ad, but this may be open to negotiation. You can contact the seller and ask them if their price is firm or you could make them an offer. (OBO)

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