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GC - Obituaries
Obituary For - Veronica Bain - Grenada

Name  " Veronica Bain "
Better Know As  Mizzie
D.O.D  Friday 28th November 2008
Parish From  St. Davidís
District  Westerhall
Service Date
12/08/2008 @ 2:00pm


The Death is announced of Veronica Bain a.k.a. Mizzie of Westerhall, St. Davidís
Who died on Friday 28th November 2008
At the age of 81
She was the:
Wife of: Clunis Bain
Father of : Cecil, Nicholas, Gabriel, Minors, Aaron, Levi, Mark employed at SGU, Catherine Bain John, Sybila & Margaret Greenidge employed at Food Fair, Grand Anse
Grand mother of: 43 and Great grand mother of: 44
Sister of: Auntie Mumet in Trinidad
Mother-in-law of: Sheila, June Martin Bain, Sherry Bain in Carriacou, Judy, Sherlyn, & Shalene Bain, John Greenidge
Close friend of: Sister Aldith Brizan & family, Saga Joseph & Cousin Gracie
Sister-in-law of: Diana & Emelda John
Many nieces & nephews
Other relatives & friends including the John & George families of Westerhall, the Francis family of Munich, the Miller family of Springs & Grand Anse, the Bowen family of Laura Land, the Charles family & the congregation of the Jehovah Witnesses

The Funeral of the late Veronica Bain
Will take place on Monday 8th December 2008 at 2.00 p.m.
Funeral service will be at the Perdmontemps Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses
Interment will be at the Family Cemetery, Westerhall, St. Davidís
The body of the late Veronica Bain will be removed from
Otway/Bailey Funeral Home 12.30 for the church

after all these years we continue to miss you dearly.see you in paradise when death will be a thing of the past.
TORONTO,CANADA [11/30/2014]

i still think about you everyday.vacation was not the same this year ,we miss you dearly.
TORONTO,CANADA. [11/26/2011]

you are surely missed, you are always in my heart and in my praise, i pray that you are in the holy place of god of israel, resting that you will be accounted acceptable on judgement day before the holy throne of jesus. i love you dearly. thank you for the love you gave us. thanks for taking care of us. thanks for the meals you prepared for us before and after school. thank you. words cannot thank you enough.
TORONTO [10/5/2010]

it's exactly one year since you left us,and it seems like yesterday. we all still miss you so much.things are not the same without you here.dickie,we know that you are in jehivah's memory awaiting the we will all try our best to remain faithful to jehovah so that we can see you again soon.we would always love you.
TORONTO,CANADA [11/27/2009]

dickie its been 5 months since you passed away.i still find it hard to believe.i miss you so much.can't believe i am not going to see you when i come home this year.hope you knew how much i love you and how much you meant to me.i would always love you.see you in the new system.
CANADA [3/19/2009]

deepest sympathy to the bain family and friends. mrs. bain you'll surely be missed by all. i'll always remember seeing her on wednesday night book study. may she rest in peace.
BROOKLYN, NY [2/11/2009]

our thoughs are with u on this day of great sadness as u lay veronica
TORONTO CANADA [12/7/2008]

we would like to express our deepest sympathy to the family of mrs veronica
TORONTO CANADA [12/3/2008]

my dearest grandma i will miss you so much.i will miss seeing you every year when i come on vacation.and i would miss talking to you every week. i would always love you.
TORONTO CANADA [12/2/2008]