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GC - Obituaries
Obituary For - Shean Hypolite - Grenada

Name  " Shean Hypolite "
D.O.B  3/29/83
D.O.D  06/07/19
Parish From  St. George
Service Date


The funeral service for the late Shean Hypolite will be held on June 28th, 2019 at Bedford Central. The viewing will begin at 5:00-7:00pm following, the service which will be held at 7:00pm.

Special Info  Shean's early life began with his mother in Grenada, until he reached the age of three where he joined his aunts and grand parents in the United States. Shean was a student at Ps 49 then attended Wingate High School. He was a driving instructor for many years then his final job was a School bus driver where he loved and enjoyed driving kids to and from school. On Shean's days off, he will stay in the house blasting old school music that he loved with his two aunts, Susan and Marie. If you know Shean, you know he loved Seal and Boys II Men. He was always up for a trivia quiz and bet to see who knew the artist that was singing. He was always up for a challenge. For somone who listen to so much music, he couldnt sing a note, but you couldn't tell him that when Seal- kiss from a rose came on. He loved karaoke nights at home where he will choose a song for someone to sing and be the first to do the judging to say which note was wrong. Shean brought so much love and laughter to our lives. The family will always remember when he was about the age of 21 months, he found a gallon of white paint and decided to take a bath in it, what a sight it was, everyone was falling down laughing and we will never forget that as long as we live. Shean will be Sincerely missed by our family. Left to mourn are his mother Pauline, his two sisters Nordia and Trisha, his aunts Marilyn,Susan,Jennifer,Trish his uncles Trevor,Dexter, Newton, his Grand father Lainey Hallal. His Cousins Sybil, Judy, Jenny, Kevin, Joy, Chloe, Joshua, Akeem, Justin, Justina and not forgetting his dear friends Shanel, Cordell and many,many more. As we are left to mourn Shean's death, lets not see it as a loss but as a great opportunity that was given to us to share with a wonderful person. He will be greatly missed.

  Funeral Agent Info:
Contact:  David Williams Funeral Service, Inc.
Location:  Jamaica, New York, USA
Phone:  718 -291-3823

itís sad to lose our relative shean in such an early age but only god knows best. shean you will be showily missed by your dad gerald matthew, your grand mother in canada constance matthew, your sister gerardine, your brother allington, your aunties and uncles in canada, your cousins in canada and america, your aunts and uncles in st. vincent, many cousins and relatives, by the matthew family in canada and grenada, and the hamilton family in st. vincent. we loved you and will surely missed you dearly. pauline we mourn with you and my uncle gerard on the loss of your son our dear shean. s.i.p family
BROOKLYN NY [7/4/2019]