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GC - Obituaries
Obituary For - Godfrey Anthony Millette - Grenada

Name  " Godfrey Anthony Millette "
D.O.B  4/1/1944
D.O.D  03/31/2024
Parish From  St. Andrews
Place of Death  New York, NY
Service Date
04/13/2024  @ 10:00am


The funeral for the late Godfrey Millette will take place on Saturday, April 13, 2024 located at Gods Battalion of Prayer Church. There will be a viewing from 10:00am to 11:00am immediately followed by the funeral at 11:00am.
Special Info  Godfrey Anthony Millette was born in Paraclete, Saint Andrews Grenada on March 19,1944 to Myona Millette and George “Sonny” Shears. He was raised by his grandmother Augusta “Guta” Millette, who taught him the values of life that helped him to develop his entrepreneurial skills. He attended Lafayette Elementary and St. Andrews Secondary School. He came to be affectionately known as “Legso” to those living in his village because of the way he walked. In 1967 he left his homeland in Grenada after being recruited to join the Royal Montserrat Police Force. He served in the force for 2 years. While there he met Daisy Kirnon who he affectionately called “Buttercup.” After much pursuing by him and much resistance by her, they decided to give it a go and the rest was history. After two years of dating, they got engaged in June 1969 and were married in September 1970. This year would have marked 54years of marriage. From this union they parented five children Richard, Toye, Chideha, Nneka and Simba. They bought their first home on East 49th Street in Brooklyn in1974 where many memories were created over the 17years in their home. In the beginning of his career Godfrey worked with Pol-Air Conditioning during the day and attended Apex Technical Training School at night studying air conditioning and refrigeration. In 1974, upon graduating from Apex, he decided to put his knowledge to the test, so he quit Pol-Air, wooed customers, and started his own business, Godfrey’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration. Godfrey and Daisy purchased a used green Chevy Chevette, where he removed the back seats and that became their first work vehicle. His wife served as his first and only “free” employee. Being blessed by God they were able create, build, and grow a business which stands to this day, owned, and operated by their son Richard Millette. Godfrey’s mind was always at work, he did his best thinking in the wee hours of the morning, much to the dismay of his wife. She learned to keep a pen and pad at bedside to take notes, write proposals, or anything that pertained to business for that day. Never settling and always wanting to accomplish more, Godfrey thought of his own way to clean up Brooklyn and help his fellow people. He had an idea to purchase and renovate old, abandoned buildings in Brooklyn to rent to his fellow West Indians. Many thought he was crazy and out of his mind. However, he was adamant and determined to bring this to fruition, they purchased their first rental property in 1978. Over the years purchasing other properties establishing their legacy. As their children, it was all hands-on deck! Age did not matter, being a son or a daughter did not matter; No one was exempt from hearing “go put on your work clothes.” To this day all the Millette children keep a supply of work clothes on hand. Godfrey’s dreams did not stop at air conditioning or real estate, he had a love and passion for cooking. As a result, team Godfrey and Daisy embarked on a new journey and opened the restaurant Islanders Cove. I am sure many of you here can remember the Friday night buffets. He also opened the Church Avenue Nut House where he sold ice cream and various nuts. Eventually acquiring the building where the shop was located. In 1990 Godfrey decided to “retire” and relocate the family to St. Croix USVI. While in St. Croix he continued his passion for building and renovating old homes. When he was not working, he was either cooking, playing cards or dominoes with the fishermen at the wharf. When he first began playing with them, they sat on crates and played on a piece of board. Godfrey could not stand for such a thing, one day as the men were out to sea fishing, he built them a proper domino table with chairs to suit. I do not think that helped him win, but he got free fish whenever he wanted. After tiring of St. Croix Godfrey decided to return to his homeland of Grenada in 1999 where he built his retirement home finally settling down. While in Grenada Godfrey totally embraced returning to his homeland. He developed a passion for hunting possum and armadillo. He loved collecting hunting dogs, even having his Beagles shipped down from New York. At one point he had 15 dogs in the yard. There are possum dogs, armadillo dogs, night dogs and day dogs. Each served a purpose. Never one to completely embrace the definition of retirement, he helped build homes and businesses for people in Grenada. Always being the entrepreneur at heart, his last business venture was Godmill Auto selling used Toyota Tacoma pick-up trucks. Being one to never bite his tongue, Godfrey always let you know how he felt whether it was well received or not. He held no punches staying true to his feelings. Despite his tough exterior he did not like to see others suffer. If he visited a home where something needed repair, without asking permission, he was back the next day with his red Toyota Tacoma truck filled with tools ready to make repairs and would not take no for an answer. Godfrey was an incredibly determined and stubborn individual, but he meant well. He could not stand to see others in need without helping. In 2004, when hurricane Ivan struck Grenada, Godfrey and Daisy housed over 20 persons in their home. That red Toyota Tacoma truck traveled the length and breadth of Grenada delivering food and clothing to those in need. Over the years he donated to nursing homes and schools and helped to sponsor a summer youth camp in Paraclete. To go shopping at his home for others was a regular occurrence. He would have barrels shipped to Grenada with goods for others several times a year. Each time a barrel was sent he would swear it was the last, but lo and behold another order would come in. He kept Compass Shippers busy. His children would often joke about opening their own barrel packing business. Family and friends meant the world to him. Godfrey expressed his love through cooking. He always wanted people to eat. He was so proud of his grandchildren and could not wait to cook for them whenever he had the opportunity. In 2020, Godfrey began experiencing complications with his health which led to him becoming an amputee. Although it slowed him down, it did not prevent him from continuing to do for others. In 2024 his health took a turn for the worse, he eventually succumbed to his health problems on Sunday March 31, 2024, where family and friends surrounded him. He is preceded in death by his mother Myona Millette, son Chideha Millette, his sister Maureen Noel his brothers Steve Noel and Elvin Forrester and grandson Zion Millette-Selby. Godfrey Anthony Millette is survived by his wife Daisy Kirnon-Millette, Daughter: Nneka, Sons: Richard, Toye and Simba. Granddaughters: Amira, Xiomara, Avani, Aamina, Anaya, Shanaya and Sanai. Grandsons: Sekani, Khalfani and Jummanne. Great-Grandchildren: Zaniayah, Zilaan and Mason. Sisters: Valerie and Norma. Brother: Raymond. Daughter -In-Law: Melloney. Sisters-In-Law: Margaret, Edna, Rosalind, Edith, Annes, Jocelyn and Donna. Brothers-In-Law: David, Maudel, and Nathaniel. Close friends: Scantlebury, Neville, Brian, Kwesi, Ricardo, James, Kevon, Ezekial, Cooley, Terrance and Waple to name a few. Many stepsisters, stepbrothers, nieces, nephews, cousins, and other friends. Members of the Gateway Assembly Church. The folks of Paraclete and surrounding areas, Calliste and Frequente. A host of family and friends in Trinidad, Montserrat, Jamaica, St. Croix, Canada, The United States and England. As we bid farewell, we find solace in the cherished memories. You will be forever in our hearts. May you rest in eternal peace. Psalm 37:23-24 The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble; he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand.

  Funeral Agent Info:
Contact:  David Williams Funeral Service, Inc.
Location:  Jamaica, New York, USA
Phone:  718 -291-3823


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