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Tikka Kabab
Servings: 4
Cook Time: 20 mins
Origin: Pakistani
Ingredients :
450g/1lb Lean Beef Steak, cubed
1 tbsp Plain Yoghurt
1 tbsp finely chopped Onion
1 teasp finely chopped Ginger
1 teasp finely chopped Garlic
1 teasp finely chopped Green Chili
1 teasp crushed Peppercorns
1/2 teasp Turmeric Powder
1 teasp Garam Masala
1/2 teasp Chili Powder
1 Egg
Salt to taste

1. Preheat the grill to medium/hot. Place the meat in a food processor and to a smooth paste.

2. Place the ground beef in a mixing bowl together with the remaining ingredients and mix well using your hands.

3. Divide the mixture into 4 portions and using dampened hands, roll into. Press each ball lightly to form a disc.

4. Place on the grill rack and grill for 10 to 12 minutes turning once. Serve hot or cold with salads and raita.

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